Mandating an agency

Everyone has heard about one day of sales mandate in the context of a real estate project.
The search order, it is much less known to the public

What is it ?
A search warrant is a contract between an individual wanting to buy a property and a real estate professional . With this contract , the buyer responsible professional to prospect in his name and to find a property matching their criteria as well as its budget. The real estate agent has to his client the selection of dwellings from its exploration, the buyer only having to make a choice. He has no character of exclusivity, the buyer can conduct research by himself or appoint other agencies.

What is the difference between term sales and research mandate ?
The mandate of sale is concluded between the owner of a property and professional tasked with finding a buyer. The search term is simply symmetrical , as it is between a buyer and a professional, commissioned to find a property.

Why entrust a search warrant at an agency?
There are several possible reasons. The buyer may be unable to explore himself, either by lack of availability, either because of distance, for example in the context of a job transfer . Better in this case mandate a real estate agency in place to carry out the research . If you wish to appoint a partner agency , please complete the form below


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